Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Watsonville Beach Vacation

Last Tuesday we packed up and headed to Watsonville for a mini beach vacation! We rented a house near the beach with my sister and her family. We shared the house for 3 nights and had a lot of fun playing and relaxing (as much as you can relax when you're on vacation with your kids!).
We were the first ones to arrive. We scoped out the house.....
 And then immediately headed down to the beach. It was freezing!
I think this was one of my favorite parts of the trip. The beach was deserted, so it was just the 4 of us enjoying the overcast beach. At one point a bunch of dolphins swam by! Here is a video of the boys getting acquainted with the water.
The next day all of us (4 adults and 7 kids) packed up lunches and headed down to the beach for 4 hours. It was overcast and windy but slightly warmer than the previous day.
At one point the dolphins swam by again, and we even think we spotted a whale way out in the ocean. There were a few other people on the beach but we pretty much had it to ourselves.
A couple of the kids buried Josh in the sand....
 So naturally Lucas tried to bury himself.
Unfortunately we were pretty dumb and didn't really cover ourselves up with sunscreen. My boys didn't burn at all, but most of the rest of us did. That night was a very uncomfortable night of sleep.
The next day we were too burned to return to the beach. So we drove a short distance to see the redwoods! My parents had joined us by this point.
We did the 1-mile loop through the redwood trees.
Lucas started off on his Daddy and cousin Josh's shoulders.....
Then switched to a back carrier....
And finally he fell asleep in my arms while I carried him through the forest. He was heavy but the surroundings were really nice and peaceful, so it wasn't too bad.

On our last morning we packed up our things and waved goodbye to the beach before heading home. Until next summer!

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