Monday, August 18, 2014

Early Morning Rides

My boys have become obsessed lately with riding their bikes. Every time we go outside they run straight for their bikes and start racing (or crashing into each other). It is often the first thing they ask to do in the morning. We are up around 6 most days and by 7am every day they are begging to go outside and ride their bikes.
So lately I've been saying "Ok why not?". I quickly get us dressed and we head out for an early morning ride. Sometimes it's just in the backyard, but the other day we rode around the neighborhood. I forgot how nice it is to breathe in the fresh morning air and get in some exercise at the start of the day.
Lucas always sticks his tongue out while he rides his bike. I think it's so cute!
Do you get out early in the morning with your kids?

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