Tuesday, August 5, 2014

More Big News

I have a pretty big announcement to make today. We are moving! Many of our close friends already know, but I thought it was finally time to announce it to the world. You know, before we actually move.

The subject of moving first came up when we started thinking about where we would send Ryan to Kindergarten in Fall 2015. None of the options around here seemed ideal. In fact, we were both starting to feel like Newark and the Bay Area in general were no longer a great place to raise our kids. We both grew up here and have seen it change a lot.

My sister and her family live in Rocklin, about a 2-hour drive north of here. We have visited them many times up there, and appreciated how family-friendly the area is. We started browsing houses online and got pretty serious a few months ago. We felt like moving while pregnant would be easier than moving next year with an infant, so when an ideal house popped up, we went for it.

And now we are moving in a month! There are many good things to be excited about....living a couple blocks from a great elementary school and park. Living 5 minutes from my sister and the boys' cousins. Exploring a new town and making new friends. Lots of adventures are ahead of us!

But at the same time, there are many things I will seriously miss about Newark. Mainly, my parents, who live just 5 minutes from us now. I also have some incredible friends here who know me and my boys so well. Leaving my family and friends and the place where all my memories have been made is going to be really hard for me. But we are trusting in God that even though the adjustment of moving may be hard, it will ultimately be a good choice for our family.

I have started the process of packing up our house. The boys have been "helping" me as best they can, by climbing on top of boxes and opening them back up.
I have been packing about 1-2 boxes per day and really taking the time to go through our things and get rid of anything I can. I don't want to move stuff that we don't really need or love. Every time I look at our stack of boxes I feel very accomplished. And then I look at the rest of our house and realize there is still so much to pack!
So that's my news.....both exciting and bittersweet. Let me know if you want to get together one last time before we move next month!

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  1. Since you're moving, are you going to be selling your house? You put so much work into making your yard beautiful and adding the porch.