Saturday, July 12, 2014

Too Cute To Correct

Do your kids ever say words incorrectly, but you don't correct them because their version is just so gosh darn cute? Mine definitely do!

Here are a few examples:

Ryan says refrigerator as "fridgelator". It is so cute that I have never corrected him!

Computer is pronounced "pewter".

Ryan calls his butt his "tootie". Every once in a while he will call it his "bootie" but that's about as PG as it gets so far. I love this innocent stage.
One of my favorite things that Lucas says is "Ry-Ry" for Ryan. He says it with such affection for his big brother.
Lucas also calls muffins "muff-muffs" and French fries are "fry-frys". Are you sensing a theme here with his speech?
There are so many other cute words I could list. What cute mispronunciations do your kids make?

1 comment:

  1. Maeve still says One-eth, two-eth, three-eth for first, second, third, and I love it! So few of those left!