Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Gender Ultrasound

We finally found out the gender of our baby today!
I think everyone knows what I was hoping and praying for. It wasn't necessarily that I didn't want another boy, but that I really really wanted a daughter. And because this may be our last child, it felt like this was our only chance to have a girl. I was trying really hard not to get my hopes up at the ultrasound.

Are you ready for the results?


My initial reaction was total excitement and relief. Then I asked the technician not once but twice if she was really certain about the gender. She said she is 100% sure it is a girl. Looks like Ryan and Lucas will have a little baby sister to protect! (And hopefully not torture). Ryan was so cute when I told him. He immediately got a big smile on his face and gave me a hug. He has been calling the baby a girl all along, so I'm glad he got what he wanted. Adam is also really excited because he has always wanted to have a daughter.

Oh and the 2nd best part of the ultrasound? The technician told us the baby was very relaxed and cooperative. That's my girl!

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