Tuesday, July 15, 2014

21-Week Appointment

I had a routine  checkup with a midwife today. I can't believe I am already over halfway through with this pregnancy! Here are my stats:

Weight Gain: 17 lbs
Blood Pressure: N/A (The nurse forgot to tell me this time)
My only issue I brought up this time was my severe lack of energy. I am generally okay in the mornings but by early to mid afternoon I completely crash. It isn't a sleepy feeling, but rather just a total lack of sufficient energy to move my body. I vividly remember feeling this way with my first two pregnancies, although not until closer to the end of the 9 months. I have to say, this is one of my least favorite side effects of pregnancy.

I spoke to the midwife about this, and how frustrating it is for me. I don't want to sit on the couch, (and most of the time I really can't!) but sometimes it's just all my body wants to do. She said that she isn't surprised I am feeling so drained, with the amount of energy it takes to keep up with two little boys. Her only real suggestion was to try and find a strategic time during the day when a little exercise, such as a walk, might energize me.

Other than that, the checkup was good! The baby has been kicking up a storm inside of me ever since my 17-week checkup, so that's really fun to feel. Ryan and Lucas got to hear the baby's heartbeat for the first time today. Ryan thought it was pretty neat and Lucas exclaimed that it was "loud!".

**Edited to add: I just went back and read my blog entry from this point in my pregnancy with Lucas. Here is what I wrote at 25 weeks pregnant:  My tiredness isn't really a sleepy tired (although I do have days where it gets hard to keep my eyes open). It's more of a fatigued feeling from having to move myself around all day. I just feel sluggish, like everything physical takes more effort than it should. I do remember feeling this way with the last pregnancy, just much closer to the end.

Haha! I wrote almost the exact same words over two years ago on this blog. Even my weight gain is the same as it was with the first two pregnancies at this point. I guess this just shows that how I'm feeling is completely normal for me when I'm pregnant. This blog sure comes in handy!

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