Friday, March 21, 2014

Stitch Fix Review #7

My favorite kind of mail showed up on my porch the other day...two days earlier than it was scheduled to arrive! This is my 7th fix and it is still just as exciting as the first. Here are my previous Stitch Fix reviews Fix 1 Fix 2 Fix 3 Fix 4 Fix 5 Fix 6
I initially liked what I saw when I pulled out my clothes, although nothing stood out as that one special piece that I had to have. (Like the blouse I kept from last month. Love at first sight!)
This month I requested a chevron blouse, colored skinny jeans, and a casual summer dress. Here is the note from my stylist:
Hi Stephanie - I hope your spring is off to a good start and that we can get some fun pieces into your closet to begin the great transition to spring wear. :) We didn't have any colored skinnies that were close to your budget this time around, but please keep requesting them as I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for the right pair for your style and budget. Today I'm really excited for you to try the Moon Collection embroidered dress; this is such an easy piece to style as it's almost like chambray, but with the feel of cotton - it doesn't cling to the body, but should outline you in a very feminine way. Enjoy! xo, Jenni B.
I appreciate her honesty about not having any jeans in my price range. Maybe next month! (You can specify your price range for each type of clothing item, and I have always set mine to the lowest level possible.) Ok, on to the clothes!
Loveappella Karissa Chevron Print Henley Tank
This chevron top (Aka the "earthquake shirt" according to Adam) is not quite what I had in mind when requesting a chevron print. I think what I am picturing is a larger print. I liked this one but my Mom ended up liking it even more so she kept it for herself.
41Hawthorn Miandra Embroidery Detailed Tank
This top was a pretty color and I like the embroidery detail. However, the cut of it made it wider at the bottom and I couldn't help but feel like I was wearing a maternity shirt! I think this could have been cute paired with a pair of skinny jeans to balance out the wideness of the shirt.
Under Skies Pierson Lace Detailed Short Sleeve Shirt
I love lace detail and I love the color mint! The fit of this top is great and the material is so soft and lightweight. The only drawback is that it is so thin it is a little bit see-through. Particularly on top where the lace actually is see-through. I may need to wear a camisole underneath this top but I'm okay with that. I think this is a perfect top for the Spring!

Tea N Rose Maisie 3/4 Sleeve Front Gathered Top
The only thing I like about this shirt is the color. And even that seems more appropriate for the Fall instead of now, as we enter Spring. This shirt is made out of a super clingy fabric that shows every little lump and bump and love handle on me. I'm sending this one back as quickly as possible!

Moon Collection Frany Cap Sleeve Cotton Embroidered Hemline Dress
This dress is cute. Perhaps a little too cute. I felt like I was 12 years old wearing this dress. I thought the shape was nice but when I sat down the back hiked up and became too short. I'm going to request a casual dress again next month and see if they can come up with something better for me.

So once again I am only keeping one item this month (the white shirt with mint lace), but that is okay! In fact, I prefer it this way because I probably couldn't afford to buy more than 1 or 2 pieces per month. As long as I find one cute piece in each box, I am a happy girl. Are you ready to try Stitch Fix for yourself? I would be so happy if you used my referral link here. Let me know if you try it!

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