Tuesday, March 11, 2014


As Ryan quickly approaches his fourth birthday, I have been thinking about giving him more responsibility within our home. I'm talking specifically about chores. For a while now he has been putting his dirty clothes in the hamper (with lots of reminders) and putting his dirty dishes in the sink after each meal. Just this last week I added one more chore to his list: making his bed each morning.

So far Ryan is pretty enthusiastic about performing these tasks for me. He gets a "good job!" and a high-five and this makes him proud of himself. But after a while I know his enthusiasm will probably wane and it will be time to start teaching him about things like allowances , piggy banks, and consequences for not doing his chores. I think if used correctly, allowance can teach kids valuable lessons about earning, saving, giving, and spending.

At what age did you start assigning chores to your children? Do you use an allowance system to reward them for their work, or are chores just an expectation for being part of the family?


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  2. If you go to Crown Financial Ministries website you will find a wealth of knowledge. What's expected when it comes to being part of a household and what chores are worthy of allowance. They also have a bank you can purchase that is great that is broken down into 3 categories; Spend, Save and Church. Hope this helps! By the way, I started this with my daughter when she was about Ryan ' s age. You're doing a good job mom! Keep up the good work! You may want to order two banks since Lucas will be 4 yrs. before you know it!