Monday, March 31, 2014

Fracture Recovery

Recovery from Ryan's skull fracture has been going okay. On the day that we left the hospital Ryan and I were both really tired and we slept part of the afternoon. Here are Lucas and Ryan enjoying one last wheelchair ride out to the car.
Over the next few days Ryan wasn't complaining of any pain at all. He said his head felt fine. But his actions were telling me something was still bothering him. I don't know if it's actual pain or just recovering from the trauma of being frightened in the hospital. But Ryan has been super irritable, grumpy, and sensitive. Things that never used to bother him will not throw him into a fit of tears. I am trying to be extra patient with him. Yesterday was the first day that he didn't spend the entire morning whining and crying. (May have been because Adam was home). So I am hoping things are turning a corner for him!
But then yesterday Ryan told my his head was hurting on the top of his forehead. I started feeling his head and noticed a new soft spot. His skull is still soft and depressed where it fractured, but now there was a new larger soft spot towards the top of his head. When we finally got him in to the doctor's office, they assured us everything was okay. There is apparently a lot of blood on top of Ryan's skull, underneath his scalp. Some of it traveled to a different spot on his head, probably while he was laying down at night. It feels really soft and squishy to the touch. But because it is on top of his skull and not underneath, we don't need to worry about it.
Now my challenge is coming up with things to keep Ryan occupied for the next 6 weeks that keep both his feet on the ground. I am constantly reminding him to stop running, jumping, climbing. He understands why he can't do these things, but he still has a hard time remembering.

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