Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Toddler Bed

Where did I last leave off in the story of Lucas' head-banging? Oh yes. We had tried moving his crib around in his room and distracting him with toys. And nothing was working.

So we decided to try something drastic. Since neither boy was sleeping well, we figured we would put them in a room together and see if they slept better together.

How did it go?


We realized that Ryan's issues of not sleeping by himself would not be solved overnight by being in the same room with his brother. He wants us at night, and nobody else. After being up until 5am with both boys, I quickly nixed the idea of having them share a room at this age. Maybe in a year or so. But not right now.

So then we put Lucas back in his room. And the very next night he climbed out of his crib. Uh-oh! Time for a toddler bed.

So we put together the toddler bed and guess what? Lucas has been doing so well in it! He surprisingly doesn't try to climb out of it very much.

He is still banging his head, only now it is against the wall. So I have wedged his crib mattress in between his bed and the wall, and now I don't hear his head-banging as much at night. The mattress softens the blow against his head and makes me feel like he won't get hurt.

I'm still up with him at night sometimes, but never more than once per night. Sometimes when he is hitting his head against the wall I lay down next to him and sing him a song. He loves music and this really seems to soothe him back to sleep. I'm so glad the transition to a toddler bed has gone so well!

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