Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Small Blessings

I took some photos yesterday to document some of the small things I am thankful for. It's so easy to get busy and ignore the small simple blessings during the day. So here are a few of mine from yesterday!

Adam makes coffee every morning for us since he leaves before I get up. Thank goodness, because I make terrible coffee!
A rare moment of playing happily together. They played long enough for me to do the dishes!

Ryan made this for me at Sunday School. It makes me grateful that he is growing up with God in his life.

As much as I love to cook, it's nice to take a night off sometimes! Thanks to the Freezer Meal Swap I've been doing with friends recently (more on that later), I have a freezer full of meals ready to pop in the oven! This was last night's dinner.

We went to a friend's house yesterday for a playdate and I am reminded what a huge blessing it is to have great Mom friends. One sent a sweet Valentine craft home with us!

A moment of silence and calm while Lucas is napping to sit down and read my Bible. I look forward to this time every day!

Score! Found $10 while washing Adam's work clothes.

When I take the time to sit down and intentionally play with my boys, I am always blessed. Ryan was so proud to finish this 100-piece puzzle with me. (Of course what you can't see is a certain little blessing who was climbing on my back while I took this picture)
Adam got home in time for dinner! I love the rare nights when we all eat dinner together.
What blessings did you experience yesterday, big or small?

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