Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Boy Mom Habits

There are certain habits I have adopted lately, and I believe they have a lot to do with being a boy Mom. I'm sure some Moms with daughters do these things as well. But I just feel like a lot of these habits or behaviors would be totally different if I had girls. What do you think?

1) We go the park a LOT. My boys require a ton of physical activity in order to wear themselves out. So I try to plan outside running around time into almost every day. The park is one of my go-to activities for them. For example, the other day we spent a couple hours in the morning playing/cleaning at home, and then we went to the grocery store. On the way home to fix lunch I realized my boys had way too much energy to settle down for naptime and quiet time. Cleaning and grocery shopping just wasn't tiring enough for them. So we spontaneously stopped by the park for 30 minutes of playtime!

2) Hotwheels everywhere. In my purse, my car, even my underwear drawer.

3) I use words like big, strong, and fast to compliment or describe my boys. Ryan loves hearing me talk about how big his muscles are, or how fast he can run or how high he can jump.

4) I make a lot of sound effects, especially car noises. The shopping cart or the stroller makes "vroom vroom" sounds, and when we play with cars, they crash and explode. I don't even consciously notice I'm doing this anymore. Car noises just come out of my mouth.

5) I don't come running when I see them fall down or get hurt. Obviously if it seems serious, I will make sure my boys are okay and give them a big hug and a kiss. But otherwise? I don't always acknowledge accidents anymore. My boys typically bounce right up and start playing again. Lucas even shoves me away if I try to kiss his "owies". I am sure I would react differently if my daughter got hurt.

6) I don't sit down on the floor. Sounds strange, right? The reason I try to avoid this is because if I do, I will most certainly be tackled or climbed on like a human jungle gym! My boys are getting pretty strong and they can lay me flat on the floor in seconds.


  1. If I was in CA, we'd be going to the park all the time, too! I try to take Maeve once a day when the weather is good. I don't have any hotwheels around, but I do tell Maeve she's very strong and she likes that. I have to watch out for sitting on the floor or I get tackled, too!

  2. OK good to know Clara! Maybe some of these aren't just boy things.

  3. Haha, I love it! Matchbox cars everywhere, and somehow, they know each one individually with all its personal characters and traits. How can you possibly tell between all 8 zillion?!? But- number 6 is definitely not a boy only thing in my experience!!

  4. Ok so maybe all Moms double as human jungle gyms?

  5. Sorry this is off topic, but how's Lucas doing with his sleeping? Been praying for him and your family.

  6. Thanks Kim. We've made some big changes with him this week. I'll probably blog about it in a couple days. He is in a toddle bed now. Still hitting his head, but not as much. He was climbing out of his crib this weekend so we knew we needed to move him. It's been a tiring few day but I'm hopeful the toddler bed will work for him!