Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A Lot To Say

Ryan has a lot to say these days.

Sometimes it's kind of gross......

Look at my 3 poops! One is the big Daddy, one is the Mommy, and the little one is the baby poop!"

Mommy I found poop in Lucas' mouth!

Sometimes he asks really serious questions.....

Mommy can God hear me? Can He see me? Where does He live?

Sometimes he makes me laugh........

Can you pray and ask God why Mommies don't have peepees?

Mommy I can't go to sleep because my bottom won't let my eyes close.

Mommy do you know why I love you? Because when Lucas hits me you put him in a timeout!

And sometimes he says things that are just plain weird....

Mommy do you remember when I was inside your tummy in a bubble and I had bones? Why didn't my bones touch the bubble?

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