Thursday, July 5, 2012


There is so much extra thought involved in leaving the house with two little ones. There are the obvious things: diapers for both, extra wipes, sippy cup for toddler, snacks, extra clothes, stroller and baby carrier, etc.

But there are circumstances that you might not think of, such as how to get them in and out of the car. When you arrive home, do you carry the baby inside first, leaving your toddler unattended in the car? Or vice versa? Or do you wrestle both into the house at once?

Then there's the issue of going for a walk. Do you use a double stroller? Or wear the baby in a carrier and put the toddler in a single stroller? Or push the baby in the single stroller and make the toddler walk? What happens if a certain toddler decides they will absolutely not walk any further when you are multiple blocks from home and your arms and back give out after carrying the toddler for 3 blocks?

You improvise.
And pray the stroller doesn't collapse.

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