Friday, July 12, 2013


Ryan and Lucas both got a haircut today! Here are the before and after shots. Let's start with Ryan.
 Very cute, right? Ryan is so great about getting haircuts now. He sat nicely, watching the TV nearby that was playing a movie. I was standing beside him, making sure he was behaving during his haircut, when he told me "Mommy, move out of the way. I can't see the TV". Jeez, when did he get so big and grown up?

Then there was Lucas. This was his very first haircut. I can't say I was 100% ready for it, but his hair was turning into a mullet and Adam thought he looked like a girl. So I agreed to take him in. Here are some before pictures.

 He was fine for about 1 second.
 And then he flipped out and started screaming. And didn't stop.
Here are the after shots. She did some weird spiky mohawk thing to his hair that I wasn't crazy about.
And now that I'm looking at the "before" pictures, it's making me sad that his baby hair is gone! Hair grows back, right?

And just for fun, here's my first baby getting his first haircut. Now I'm really sad!

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