Monday, June 3, 2013

Lucas: 1 Year

My sweet Lucas, you are 1 year old today! I can't believe you've grown from this.....

to this in just one year!

You are growing so fast! In particular, you really seemed to evolve from a baby into a toddler this past month.

You are still a good eater, although you are definitely showing preferences and turning up your cute little nose at certain foods I offer you. I suppose this was inevitable, although part of me hoped you would forever remain my child who ate everything.
You walk really well and sometimes run now. It's amazing how much speed your short little legs can muster up! You especially like to run around the house and the yard with your brother, screeching and giggling.
You and Ryan have a lot of fun together these days. I have had quite a few moments lately where I've just stepped back and watched the two of you together playing. Actually playing and having fun with each other! I absolutely love it.

Daddy thinks you need a haircut. I've only had one person recently mistake you for a girl, but that was one too many for Adam. He thinks the cute little curls around your neck are a little too feminine. But I want to wait just a little longer for your first haircut.
 I love your happy personality! So many people comment to me about how you are always smiling, and it's true. It is so easy to make you smile and I think you will be a happy, goofy, easygoing boy when you get older. Your Daddy thinks you are absolutely hilarious, and pretty much laughs at you all the time.
Your sleep habits are either really really good or really really bad. Naps are great....typically 2 per day ranging from 1 to 1.5 hours each. Yep, pretty darn wonderful. I nurse you to bed around 7:30 and then wake you up around 10 or 10:30 before I go to bed, to nurse you or "top you off" for the night. On a good night you will sleep in your crib until 7am without waking up again to eat. On a bad night you are up every 1-2 hours. You are almost always happy and smiling when you wake up from your naps and your face lights up when I come into the room. (Except when I don't pick you up fast enough!)
 You have 5 teeth plus 2 more that just cut through. You say "Mamama", "Dadada" "Gagaga" and "BwaBwa". No real words, just a lot of jabbering sounds.
You weigh a little more than your brother did at this age, and everyone seems to think you will catch up to him in size this year. You two are even mistaken for twins sometimes! (This always makes me laugh)
You are quite independent and will happily play by yourself or with Ryan, without needing me right next to you. You are definitely attached to me and experience separation anxiety when we are other places, but at home you entertain yourself really well.

 I am so blessed to be your Mommy. You have been such a happy addition to our family and I am excited to watch you this year as you become a full-blown toddler.
 Love you Lukey!

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