Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Boy Crazy

I've been feeling a little boy crazy lately. Boys are......fun. And messy and energetic and a little crazy. By the end of most days I feel a little crazy myself. Here are some real life examples from the past week. These are the kinds of scenarios that happen on a daily, if not hourly, basis. It's......fun.

While changing Lucas' diaper, Ryan runs into his room and pees all over his freshly washed pillow and sheets.

Ryan sneaks off and pours hair gel all over his head, face and shirt. I decide a bath is necessary. I get the boys into the bathroom. While I strip down Ryan, I keep 1 pinky finger on Lucas, trying to keep him away from the half-full bathtub. He slips out of my grasp and immediately dives head first into the bathtub.

I shut myself in the bathroom in the morning for exactly 1 minute so that I can put in my contacts. In that 1 minute both boys have opened my jewelry chest and removed all my jewelry, tangling it up all over the floor.

I open the front door to get the mail. Ryan runs past me and grabs the hose I was using to water my flowers, spraying himself. I carry him inside to change him into dry clothes, only to discover that Lucas has dumped out the dog's water bowl all over the kitchen floor and himself.

I'm nursing Lucas in his room after his nap. Typically the only thing that distracts Ryan while I do this is TV. I need a quiet room to nurse Lucas, so I turned on a cartoon for Ryan in the family room. Only this time, Ryan grew bored with television and instead opened our front window and ripped off the screen. I found him hanging his head out the window, just watching the world go by.

I need to start a load of laundry, so I put Lucas in his doorway jumper, one of the few places I consider safe to leave him alone. Ryan is reading a book. As I'm about to start the washing machine, I hear Lucas screaming. Ryan has flipped him upside down and he is suspended in air, crying for me.

Oh and don't be fooled into thinking Lucas is always the sweet innocent bystander. He is turning out to be quite the firecracker.

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