Monday, April 29, 2013


Happy 3rd Birthday Ryan! I know I will probably say this every year, but your new age seems so old! I can't believe I have a 3 year old. You have changed so much this year.
Perhaps the biggest change since last year is your speech. You went from barely saying more than a few real words to non-stop talking. You say everything and keep up a constant conversation with me throughout the day. You also love to sing, and you probably sing your ABC's about 20 times per day now. Every once in a while I do ask you to stop talking, but 99% of the time I love hearing your thoughts. I waited so long for you to learn how to talk, and I don't want to take it for granted now! You say the most adorable and funny things. Your newest phrase is "Aww man!", which you told me you learned from me.
Becoming a big brother was another huge change for you this year. It was a difficult transition for you at first, but you love your little brother so much and are learning how to play nice with him. I love watching the two of you play together and learn how to share toys and be gentle.
You are still on the smaller end of the growth charts. As I type this, you are wearing size 18 month shorts that you received as a gift on your first birthday. Your hair is much darker than it used to be, but still blond. And your eyelashes are still envied by many!
You rarely throw big tantrums, and for this I am truly grateful. What sets you off is being told you can't do something, or being told you have to stop doing something fun. Leaving parks and playdates usually result in you yelling and/or screaming. Your reactions are less physical and more verbal these days. I find that I can reason with you a bit more now that you are older.
You are still crazy about cars. At all times of the day, including meal time and bedtime, you have a car in your hands. You are so much like your Daddy.
Your favorite place to play is in the garage with Daddy. You show no fear when playing with his tools, and you love running around getting dirty and looking at bugs. Yes, I'd say you are definitely a boy!
 You also have a very sweet gentle side. You love to climb into my lap and cuddle with me, and you often tell me "I love you Mommy so much".
As far as 3-year olds go, I'd say you're pretty terrific. I love you Ryan!!

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  1. Oh my goodness. He looks like a kid and not a baby anymore! So cute!