Tuesday, November 18, 2014

House Tour: The Boys' Room

Today I'm sharing pictures of Ryan and Lucas' room.
Let's start with the wall color. I must have had 10 different paint samples up on the walls before we moved in. I wanted a slightly silver/light gray color for the walls, with just a hint of blue. After agonizing over it, we finally decided to just leave the room the color it was! A nice soft blue.
Ryan helped his Daddy install a new ceiling fan, since the room didn't have one and it gets hot up here!
 We finally put the boys' names up on the wall last weekend.
I kept the room pretty simple because it is an extremely small room, maybe 10x10? Just enough room for two little beds and a dresser.
We don't keep any toys in the boys' room, since they have a huge play room right next door! But I might be moving this blue toy shelf into their room under their window. That will free up some space in the play room for the train table they will be getting for Christmas! (They are going to LOVE it).
 We bought very few things for this room.....some blackout curtains, this cute sign......
And their matching plaid bedspreads from Pottery Barn Kids (On a great sale with a coupon! Probably the only way I'd buy anything from Pottery Barn).
So there you go....a simple little room for my two little boys. I can't wait to show you all pictures of the nursery once the baby is here!

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