Friday, May 3, 2013

Lucas: 11 Months

My dear sweet Lucas, you are 11 months old today! 
And much more "toddler" this month than "baby".
And you are into everything these days! Cruising around the house, opening drawers and cupboards and emptying them as quickly as possible. Pushing large objects and furniture around (you are in love with the vacuum cleaner) and generally making messes everywhere you go.

You are getting better at walking, covering longer distances, although still a bit wobbly. You can now stand up from a sitting position without holding onto anything....and off you go! You move so quickly, probably more than you should be, and that's why you still fall down so much.
You love throwing objects. You throw your toys and food. There have been a few instances where you have thrown objects at your brother's head, so it's time for me to seriously think about how to discipline you for this behavior. It feels too early for that though!

After 10 sleepless nights you finally cut your 5th tooth. I got a couple great nights of 8+ hours of sleep from you, and now it's back to waking every hour. Your 2 naps per day are still decent though!
You love broccoli but hate cauliflower. Lately you have been a super picky eater, throwing most of your food on the floor or spitting out whatever goes in your mouth. I hope it's just because of the tummy bug you had this week, and not some new difficult phase!

Your new sound this month is "yayaya". I am still trying to get you to clap and wave, but you just laugh at me.

I am so glad that you are generally such a happy boy. Determined and stubborn, but happy!
Love you Lukey!

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