Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Ryan's 1st Dentist Visit

Ryan went to the dentist a few weeks ago for his first tooth cleaning. I wasn't sure how he would do, sitting still, with strange things in his mouth. But he pleasantly surprised me! He did so well. He sat still the entire time and didn't make a peep. (The cartoon they let him watch may have had something to do with this).

The bad news was that Ryan already had 2 cavities, in his back bottom molars. (Oops. Guess our brushing skills need some improvement) Because Ryan is still a few years away from losing his baby teeth, the dentist recommended having the cavities filled now before they get worse.

I was a little nervous scheduling the appointment, picturing Ryan running out of the room when they tried to drill his teeth. They assured me that some small children do really well and don't even need any numbing or pain relief.
 Yea, I'd say he did just fine. Dare I say he even enjoyed it? He got to kick back in his chair, wear some cool sunglasses, and watch TV.

I was so proud of Ryan! He definitely proved me wrong. What a tough little guy.

Afterwards I asked him how his mouth was feeling. His response was "Good!"


  1. No tantrums at all; just an obedient little boy on his first visit to the dentist. That's really something to be proud of! Don't get disappointed, and don't think that you didn't teach him enough on how to take care of his teeth. There are cases where a person is naturally prone to cavities, no matter how much one brushes and flosses. He's still young. With regular dental visit, I'm positive, he'll never have problems with cavities.

  2. Ryan looks very charming! He obediently followed his dentist and didn't make any unnecessary movements. Anyway, have you made a decision on what to do with his molars?

  3. Going by your story, I think Ryan did a great job on his first dental visit. You must've been very proud since he was very well-behaved. It must've been a great feeling on your part too, as you didn't have to worry much on your son's reaction towards his dentist. Job well done for Ryan!

    Ted Grimmer @ Cody Dental Group